Garden Warriors Ltd- Bringing Nature Indoors

What is a Waterwall?

A Waterwall combines the classic elements of water, stone encased in a modern metal frame creating a stunning and dramatic transformation your living space, office or business. Allow the Serenity of moving water to the timeless elegance to any space.

What are the benefits of owning a waterwall?

The sound of water can increase the feng-shui of an space, reducing stress and creating a relaxed environment for you and your visitors.

You can promote your business or add your unique personal touch to any unit  with a laser etched or waterjet cut logo or pattern. These units available in standard and custom sizes.

Canadian Made

Our Nature Indoors Canadian made waterwalls are self-contained, backlit units crafted of slate and stainless steel.

These industry leading beautiful design, outstanding craftsmanship and easy maintenance, held to the highest standard. They incorporate an revolutionary non-clogging discharge system, switching and backlighting standard on all units. Freestanding, custom and easily mounted standard units are available in a variety of finishes to match any décor.



Size                        Dimensions        Approx. Weight       Weight with Water      Wattage        Price(stainless)          Installation

Small                     42”x26”                120 lbs                      160 lbs                          44W         $2300                         $300

Medium               42”x50”                210 lbs                       290 lbs                          73W          $4300                         $400

Large (Hori.)        48”x72”                350 lbs                       470 lbs                          108W        $6300                         $500

Large (Vert.)        84”x40”                350 lbs                       470 lbs                          117W         $6300                         $500

Tall                        58”x24”                140 lbs                       180 lbs                          44W         $3300                          $350

Any custom size will be by quote only. Prices do not include G.S.T. Install and delivery prices are within Edmonton. Installation pricing is an estimate. Custom logos are by quote only. Installation does not include electrical supply or labour. A clock plug will need to be installed prior to delivery and installation. Powder coated finish $500 extra.

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