Our Pond Division Designs and installs natural easy to maintain water features.

Our Services include:
  • Pond Start-ups
  • Pond Check-ups
  • Pond Trouble shooting
  • Pond Shut downs

Our rates are $80 an hour per person. We have listed approximate pricing below based on average times.

Spring Start-up rates
(approximate rates only)
Small Pond (Less than 500 gallons) $175 Plus GST
Medium Pond (1000 gallons) $350 Plus GST
Large Pond (3000 gallons) $550-750 Plus GST
Very Large (5000 gallons +) $1000 Plus GST

Spring Start ups include:
  1. Removing over winter kit (if applicable)
  2. Draining Pond (will save flushing cost)
  3. Clean out debris
  4. Trim/Clean Plant Material
  5. Peroxide Treatment
  6. Flush out Sludge & Sediment
  7. Pressure wash large rocks (Approximate $160 Additional Cost)
  8. Clean & Inspect Falls Units/Skimmers/Vaults
  9. Clean & Inspect Filters & Nets
  10. Clean & Inspect Pump
  11. Inspect & Reposition Autofill
  12. Reposition Rocks to cover liner
  13. Inspect Test & Reposition lights
  14. Inspect & Repair Foam Areas
  15. Refill Pond (Additional Cost based on time to fill)
  16. Install Filters/Nets/Pumps
  17. Add Water Conditioners and Bacteria boosters ($25 Additional Cost)
  18. Fish Moving If Required (no warranty provided on fish)

Summer Maintenance Packages (approximate rates only)
$1600 / weekly visits includes shutdown, pond chemicals sold separately


$3000 per season for Lifetime warranty program. We will provide weekly maintenance service including all chemicals,

Start ups and shutdowns, any repairs needed (ie new pump or pond rebuild.) (For existing or new constclients only)

  1. Water Quality check
  2. Backflush as needed
  3. Clean out debris (additional cost based on volume)
  4. Reposition Rocks to cover liner
  5. Pump Inspection
  6. Inspect Falls Units/Skimmers/Vaults
  7. Inspect & reposition lights
  8. Refill as needed
  9. Hydrogen peroxide/ Water Treatments as needed.

Fall Shutdown Packages (approximate rates only)
$160-320 for fall shutdowns ($80initial visit + $80 hour per crew member)

Services include:
  1. Drain up to half of Feature
  2. Remove/Inspect/ Clean pump
  3. Remove/inspect/ Clean Filters
  4. Remove Lights
  5. Trim Back plant Material
  6. Drain & Plug Lines (If Applicable)
  7. Remove debris in Skimmer/ Falls
  8. Inspect Units/Skimmers/Vaults
  9. Drain Loosen Autofill Line (if attached to Irrigation lines not included)