Why have Garden Warriors Install your Water Feature?

  • We are Experienced in building Well built ponds. 
  • We have built and Serviced Hundreds of Ponds all over the greater Edmonton Area. 
  • If your Landscape Contractor doesn't service them, you can't get help when you need it.
  • Experienced Pond builders can build them in half the time twice as well as a inexperienced pond builder which means less cost
  • We only service the ponds we build as their are too many problems with improperly built ponds

What equipment do I need to keep my water clear.

Water fall technology has developed quite a lot in the last ten to fifteen years, with the development of pond filtration systems.  in short nutrients in the water cause algae. If you look at the rocky mountains the water is clear because it is just Rocks and Water. The North Saskatchewan is quite green all due to nutrients.


Remove leaves and skim the surface of the water to remove debris. The skimmer has a net to collect the leaves, and is the storage location of the pump. It is also where Auto-fills are installed to fill your pond from evaporation.

Upflow Waterweirs AKA "waterfall unit"

These provide filtration through Media bags placed in the unit. These provide mechanical filtration and allow Nitrifying bacteria to grow on the surface. These can be routinely back-flushed (if installed), or dunked in non-chlorinated water.

Bead Pressure Filter

A Aqua-Ultima II filter is the most high-tech and effective filtration system. It mechanically filters and contains media for the nitrifying bacteria to colonize. The system has a easy to use handle where you can Filter, Back flush, Backwash, and Winterize. You can quickly attached a hose and direct nutrient rich fertilizer and water onto loving plants.

Pond Chemicals

Pond Filtration does the hard work, however bacteria boosters and an Algaecide such as 9% Hydrogen Peroxide should be used.

We recommend:

  1.   Oxyplus 29% Hydrogen Peroxide or Crystalclear D-Solv a 9% Peroxide specially formulated for fish. (Weekly)
  2.   CrystalClear Onefix Nitrifying Bacteria (buy new every season)
  3.   CrystalClear Biological Clarifier is a Heterotrophic bacteria booster which boosts the bacteria under the rocks in the low oxygen zone
  4.   CrystalClear Rapi-clear is a fish safe flocculent which bonds to dead organic matter settling it down to the bottom where it can be consumed by heterotrophic bacteria.

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