Paving Stone

Our Paving Stone Patios are built to the highest standards, with dedicated diligence we build each project if it were in our own yard.

Our standard Specifications include an 8" depth compacted base material to 98% SPD (Standard Proctor Density). Our Base is installed over compacted subgrade and on a heavy duty 8oz geo-fabric layer to separate the clay subgrade from mixing with compacted base material. Our Base Material is either  3/8" roadcrush or 1/4" minus Limestone/ Rundle stone base material (Limestone/ Rundle Stone base Required for Barkman Bridgewood or Terra Nova Pavers)

Retaining Walls

Natural Stone can be spectacular and affordable. There are many options including Guillotine Cut stone boulders, Stacked walls and Naturally placed boulder walls.  We can design and install manufactured Retaining walls as well.  We offer design expertise to build outdoor fireplaces, or gate entry features.Here is just a few examples of our work.

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