Above image taken from PaverDeck showing a 10,000 lb fireplace built on a Paver Deck System.

Garden Warriors is a Proud Dealer and Installer for PaverDeck™

We serve the Greater Edmonton Area.

What is PaverDeck?

PaverDeck™ is a Galvanized Metal Decking System, which fully finished is comparable in cost to Composite Decking.

  • It has a unmatched 30 year Residential Structural Warranty.

    • Its strength can hold more weight than the traditional deck with 560 PSF (pounds per square foot).
    • Stronger mean less piles, you can design heavier items such as a hot-tub to be incorporated.
    • For Specifications Click Here
  • Sustainability

    • It uses 95% recycled metal throughout the structure and does not use any chemicals. Pressure treated wood (copper II sulfate) is toxic and can be absorbed through the skin and releases chemicals into landfills.
    • Permeable Decking can provide new design options, including bioswales, filteration pits, and improved tree growth requiring no tree vaults.
  • You can incorporate a in-floor heating system,

    • melt snow keeping your deck clear, and safe.
    • keep your feet warmer from the hot tub to the house.
    • heat a sunroom.
  • Beauty & Functionality – design and style options are only limited to your imagination

    • Utilize Paving Stone, Tile, Natural Stone, Composite, concrete, even mosaic in any design in any shape.
  • Budget

    • a Paverdeck™ System is cost comparable to cedar or composite. Talk to us about your design we'd love to help.

  • Maintenance Free. Traditional and composite decks suffer from

    • Long-term exposure to the sun
    • Damage from harsh weather
    • Warping or sagging over time
    • Mold or mildew problems
    • Wood Rotting

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